2022 Annual Diocesan Appeal

A Message from Bishop Knestout

To the parishioners of St. Joan of Arc,

Scripture is filled with stories of God’s faithfulness and the fruitfulness of his grace. In the words of St. Paul to the Corinthians, we are reminded to share our gifts generously, willingly, and continuously with a faith-filled spirit.

At times it can be a challenge to “sow bountifully.” It can also be a challenge to know how or when to act. But wisdom comes, as it always does, in the words of Our Lord. He asks us to not “sow sparingly,” but to be active. To share. To love. To take our blessings and spread them, bountifully with the world.

I want to thank you for the many ways you sow bountifully for our Church and Diocese. I see your faith and your generous support of Catholic causes, and I know that you understand what the Lord is calling us to do.

One of the most important ways the Lord calls on us to spread our blessings is by supporting the Annual Diocesan Appeal. The Annual Diocesan Appeal is an opportunity to be united with Christ and those in need of prayer and healing, physical and spiritual comfort, those close to us and many people we may never meet.

Your gift to the Appeal makes a real difference because, together, we can enable our Diocese to deliver ministry and services such as heating and grocery assistance to families, health insurance for our retired priests and tuition for our future priests to attend the seminary.

Jesus teaches us that, “your Father knows what you need before you ask him” (Matthew 6:8). We trust in God’s faithfulness and that he will use our gifts to bless others. Please join me in thanking God for His gifts by sharing them lovingly. In recognition of the bountiful harvest of God’s love, take what is best – His first fruits – and bring them to the altar by visiting https://richmondcatholicfoundation.org/appeal.

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Barry C. Knestout
Diocese of Richmond

A Message from Fr. Joly

To the loving parishioners of St. Joan of Arc,

Since the start of this pandemic, we have all been given more time for pause and reflection, and I found myself continuously thinking of our St Joan of Arc family. Despite the obstacles our parish has faced because of the pandemic, you have kept our parish moving forward. For that, I thank you.

I know there are a million things pressing for your attention, and so many worthy causes that you can support. With this message, I want to focus on one important cause and that is the 2022 Annual Diocesan Appeal.

You may not realize this, but we are so blessed at St Joan of Arc because of the assistance of the Appeal. I see what you do for our parish and your actions are reflective of this year’s Appeal theme “Together, We Bestow His First Fruits”. You are bringing your best to the Lord .

You have likely received a letter and brochure from Bishop Knestout regarding the 2022 Appeal. I ask you to please take a moment to reflect and prayerfully consider a new gift or an increase in your gift if you have contributed previously. While you are praying on your gift, please also consider giving online. You can do so at: https://richmondcatholicfoundation.org/appeal/.

I truly believe that we have the opportunity for a fresh start this year and the opportunity to support what we feel is most important. I know you feel this parish and our diocese are important – thank you for reflecting that in your level of giving.

May God abundantly bless you,

Fr. Michael Joly

Give to the 2022 Annual Diocesan Appeal now